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Many photographers supply a client wardrobe or recommend each piece you should wear to your photography session. I'm not one of them. Will I guide you and answer any questions you may have? Of course! However, I am a firm believer that each of my clients are unique and should wear what makes them feel beautiful and confident.

Feel great in a dress? Wear it! Want to have a 70s hippie themed session? OK! Prefer jeans? Do it! This concept applies to each member of your family. My son despised khaki pants as a first grader. Expecting him to be happy in khaki's for our family photoshoot would have been a disaster! Keep their feelings in mind when choosing your wardrobe as well. 🖤

I do not style my clients or provide a client wardrobe, however I am more than happy to answer any questions or give feedback if you are feeling stuck on what to wear.

A couple pro tips: Avoid large logos, as they are distracting and typically date a photo. Choose 2-3 colors that compliment one another without being to matchy-matchy. I always recommend Mom find her outfit first, then style the rest of the family around her.

Want a light and airy feel? Choose colors such as white, khaki, light grey, pastels.

Going for bold? Reds, oranges, blues may be what you need.

Boho, natural and organic is your vibe? Choose earthy tones, such as sage, green, tan, floral patterns, grey.

What matters most, is that you are comfortable and CONFIDENT!

Here is some style inspiration to get you started:

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