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  • Jennifer Mosier


A decade and a half ago, this girl at work came up to me and started telling me how much she loved the book I was reading while on break. I instantly knew she was a gem. She said we should be friends and I eagerly agreed.

Our friendship was sealed by Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. 😎

What started as Jack, Jake, Terry and I hanging out playing Mario Party, has since evolved into the deepest and truest of friendships. I don’t know if “friendship” is even the proper word for it. We’re a weird little family. Even my kids call them Uncle Jake and Aunt Jack.

Movie marathons, hours of chatting about the meaning of life in the middle of the night, exchanging “ugly, but useful” gifts on Christmas Day and laughing until we cry, raiding each other’s fridge, and always having a cozy spot ready no matter what, even if you have to drive six hours to sit there.

The love runs deep.

Over the years, I have been able to watch Jacqueline and Jake adventure through life. To say I admire them is an understatement. They truly are one another’s best friend. I’ve seen it. You can FEEL the comfort and love when you’re around them. It’s hypnotic, really.

So, when Jack mentioned “hey, would you want to come take lifestyle photos of us in our camper that we’ve lived in for years?” Terry and I packed an overnight bag and headed their way!

Jackie & Jake, It was truly my pleasure to capture this moment in time for you. I hope you cherish your photos as much as I cherish the two of you.

Xoxo Jen

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